It's been a busy few months since my last update on here! Getting married and going on honeymoon to Cambodia!

But I've managed to get a few other bits done too! After an amazingly successful run at The Northern Light cinema, The Lost Pubs Of Wirksworth, it's looking like it will be shown a couple of times more in february also!


As well as this I've been working with the amazing Adverse Camber Theatre group, on their new production, Fire In The North Sky, This first of a few films of which can be seen below.


I've also been on another couple of trips with Canopy & Stars this year, the first of which was in Scotland where I met these chaps, as well as many other cool guys! :)


And also in france, the videos of which will be up shortly!


It's going to be a real busy year in 2015, with the addition of using the Phantom quadcopter for projects as well. And I've got a few new documentary and narrative film projects in the works also!


Happy New Year to everyone! Have a Gooden!