Where The Sand Meets The Sea X From The Sea To The Land Beyond

Really excited about this next showing of my documentary 'where the sand meets the sea'. It will be shown at The Northern Light Cinema in Wirksworth, I'll be giving a little talk about it before the showing and am really looking forward to seeing From The Sea To The Land Beyond afterwords... come down, have a pint, and have a ganders! Should be a gooden!


Keep and eye on their facebook for more info


Derby College: end of year show

A year or so again I documented the making of the end of year show at Derby College, It was great to see all the pieces coming together as you'll see in the video. It was played on the open evening of the show, but I've only just got round to putting it online.



RSPCA vids

So I've been volunteering to make some videos for the local RSPCA branch in York. It's been great to make these little videos and see how many people watch them. Hopefully they will make a difference and get some of these guys re-homed.



Heres the second short video that I've volunteered to make for the York RSPCA. Hopefully the vids will help re-home these guys.


Starr Carr video for the Yorkshire Museum Trust

I worked with a group of students producing 2 of their own videos on Star Carr, which is an archeological dig site in Cornwall. I helped them produce their videos and also documented their progress and produced a separate film to show how it went.


All 3 videos are currently being played amongst the star carr exhibition inside the York Museum.


University of Derby Corporate

I was asked by Fluid Ideas to work with them to create a video using green screen with a illustrated background for the UDC's Mineral Products training programmes.

It was the first time I have used green screen and It was definitely a steep learning curve for the whole project. Working almost entirely in Apple Motion was something I haven't done before also to animate the background.

Anyways I'm very happy with how it turned out


New videos and all that jazz

This past month has definitely been a good one. I spent a week filming for Canopy and Stars, which involved travelling around Wales and Devon and staying in Gypsy Caravans and boats and that like... just putting the finishing touches on the videos and they'll be up soon!


The Old Woman, The Buffalo and The Lion Of Manding filming is also now complete, I've posted up the 2 'behind the scenes' videos so far and I'm currently editing the footage from the show for the proper trailer...

The Old Woman, the buffalo, and the Lion Of Manding

This is the latest project I'm working on with Adverse Camber. Here are a couple of behind the scenes vids from the project which opens in Birmingham this friday, where I'll be making a proper trailer for the show...




since a couple of years back I've been using a lot of archive materials for certain projects, now it's become one of my favourite parts of what I do. It's amazing what you can find in an old photo archive.... here is a bit of info from a photo I recently saw about a quarry in the town I was raised...


Joanna Hehir Classic Collection Shoot

Had a great shoot a couple of weeks back with Joanna Hehir, for her latest wedding dress collection.

The shoot took place at Fetcham Park in South London.